Livestream: Double Brahms


Both Brahms’s Double Concerto and his Fourth Symphony defy convention. 

Watch the concert live on this page. The transmission starts at 19.25 on Friday 18 October.

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The concerto is a chamber work with symphonic impact, a piece built on confrontation at whose heart lies the most beautiful expression of love from two beings entwined in an embrace. Passion exists as a remembrance, vehemence as a tool for expressing closeness.

The concerto is a revealing companion to Brahms’s last symphony, in which private feelings are given public expression. The symphony is a personal confession hidden inside a structural riddle, in which radiant harmonies and Apollonian perfection win through.

Edward Gardner is joined by soloists from within the orchestra, including concertmaster Melina Mandozzi and principal cello Rudi de Groote, for the second concert this week coloured by Brahms and his friends, the Schumanns.