Livestream: Next Step 2 – The Ocean


Ludovic Morlot comes to Bergen to give the Nordic premiere of the Pulitzer Prize-winning work his orchestra in Seattle commissioned: John Luther Adams’s orchestral monolith Become Ocean. 

Watch the concert live on this page. Click here for live stream

This huge orchestral depiction of the deep, dark oceans around the Pacific Northwest mines into a single musical texture for almost 45 minutes, evolving slowly through a series of huge musical waves. But this unforgettable seascape, that seems to emerge from the centre of the earth, is also a call-to-action, as humanity faces the real prospect of ‘becoming ocean’ once more.

Morlot prefaces Adams’s deeply affecting score with music of similar breadth by Mendelssohn and Wagner, including the latter composer’s cinematic depiction of his hero Siegfried’s journey down the Rhine from the final chapter of the Ring Cycle. Continuing our NEXT STEPS series examining the world around us, researchers from the University of Bergen will participate in this concert.