Knut Vaage: Relieff


Recorded live in Grieghallen 8 April 2021

Composer Knut Vaage is a colleague of soloist Amalie Stalheims father Jostein, who is professor at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, and also composer and accordionist. The two of them have collaborated on a range of projects. Vaage has known the soloist since she was born, followed her musical development, and he thought of her when he chose his title for the new composition: - A good relief is recognized traditionally by a motive which protrudes clearly and precisely, in great detail. To achieve this, it’s good to know the motive, Vaage says.

Knut Vaage has worked a lot with the Bergen Philharmonic and two of his works are also available on Bergenphilive, including the charming piece Tjat (Chatter) which we also performed in Carnegie Hall, New York. This close cooperation means that the necessary prerequisite for a good dialogue with the soloist and the orchestra is in place. «It is exactly reflections around the theme dialogue which have interested me in many of my latest works. A soloist cannot be driven forward without alternately take a listening position. In a listening universe, the orchestra is motivated for dialogue. Background, foreground, shadow and light all play together in poetic and melancholic turns in Relief. Through contrasting, virtuosic parts from the soloist, a dynamic waveform is created. The composition consists of nine smaller reliefs, and between each of them we can hear intermezzos», Vaage says, and continues.

«In this composition it has been a motivation for me to cultivate my own expression. I wish for an expression which is open for reflection, but which at the same time develops logically. My fear as I was working on this, was that the ideas weren’t strong enough, but I continued without changing the material, and I’m looking forward to sharing it with the audience, Vaage says.